Presenter Guidelines

Kia ora,

This guide is designed to help you prepare for your presentation for SS22.  We hope you’ll find it useful, and that it will answer most of the questions you’re likely to have about presenting.  If you have any questions though, please don’t hesitate to contact us on


Colloquiums – Long, Short and Invited

Colloquium chairs may divide their time as they choose, but time should be allocated for opening and closing remarks, presentations, and extended audience responses.  At least 15 minutes should be left for questions and audience interaction.  It is the responsibility of the colloquium chair to organise their colloquium group and facilitate the discussion.


Paper sessions are 25 minutes in length.  This allows 20 minutes for the presentation with 5 minutes for questions/responses.  There will be no chair person in the room to introduce you, so we recommend that you introduce yourself to the audience.  It is also a good idea to include your name, institution, email address and title of your presentation on your first slide.


Posters will be mounted in the trade display area.  You will be provided with a poster board 1200 wide x 2400 high.  We recommend that you limit your poster size to fit A0 size 841mm wide x 1189mm high as this will mean your poster is at eye level.  You will also be provided with Velcro dots for attaching your poster.  Note blue tack and pins are unsuitable for use on the poster boards provided.

A clear typeface must be used and 24pt is the smallest recommended type size to be used.  The recommended word limit is 250 words.

Full use of colour, bold and larger typefaces is encouraged and all sections of the poster should be clearly legible from a distance of 2 metres.  The design should be thought out so as to give quick impact and attract immediate interest.  The use of illustrative material, photographs, etc is recommended.

Explanatory handouts are also encouraged to fill in more detail.  Posters should not be simply downloaded powerpoint presentations or web pages.

Interest and immediate impact are the two qualities that are especially looked for.

Features of a good poster session:

  • Overall aesthetic quality, clarity of presentation, and general appearance
  • Information content
  • Helpfulness of presenter
  • Overall interest and relevance

Poster presenters will be asked to stand with their posters during the designated lunch break throughout the symposium, for a duration of 30 minutes.  We request that your posters are set up immediately before the start of the lunch period in which they are scheduled and remain up until the end of afternoon tea time on that day.

Poster presenters are required to bring their printed poster with them to SS22.  If you would prefer to print your poster when you arrive in Auckland (if you have time), then we recommend either:


Six ways that you can make your symposium presentation more effective:

1. Identify your key points.  Back each point up with evidence or an explanation.

2. Symposium sessions will be kept to time.  Check the time of your session and plan your material accordingly.  Be realistic about how much material you can present in this time.  For example:

  • A concurrent session of 25 minutes in length including time for questions - It is better to plan to explore two or three key points well than to rush through ten points allowing more time for discussing with your audience.

3. If you want to share more material than the time allows, include it on a handout.

4. Involve your audience

  • Give them something to do or discuss or respond to during the session.

5. Keep your powerpoint slides simple.

  • Plan your content first.
  • Select a simple background.
  • Make sure delegates can read your powerpoint presentations.
  • Choose a font that is easy to read and use at least 20 point font size.
  • Keep one idea per slide, support the idea with a relevant visual if appropriate.

6. Make your talk relevant and practical for delegates

  • What fresh insights or practical ideas does your talk offer?

7. We will not be printing email addresses in the handbook, so you may wish to include your contact details in your presentation so delegates can get in contact with you afterwards.


All symposium sessions will be held in The University of Auckland Business School, Owen G Glenn Building and Arts 1 Building (part of the Faculty of Arts), 12 Grafton Road, Auckland, New Zealand.  Check the programme for the room you will be presenting in.



All symposium rooms will be supplied with:

  • PC running Windows 10 with Office 2016
  • Screen
  • Projector
  • PC audio kit
  • High speed internet
  • Guest input (VGA, HDMI, audio)
  • Whiteboard

The larger lecture theatres include dual screens, dual projectors, microphones (lectern, lapel and handheld).

Screen ratio

We suggest that you set your powerpoint to 16:10 ratio.


If you are presenting with a powerpoint presentation, please bring your presentation to the symposium with you on a USB memory stick/flash drive. You will be required to load this onto the university computers in the room that you will be presenting in, well in advance of your session.  We will have symposium helpers to help with this process.

If your presentation software is not compatible with MS Office, it may be a good idea to bring your personal laptop to present.  If you are a Mac user, you will be required to bring your own adapters.

* PLEASE NOTE * ALL screens are locked to mirror the display screen, they cannot show extended view (ie presenter notes).  If you rely on presenter notes for your presentation, please print a copy of these and bring this with you.


On your arrival to the Owen G Glenn Building, please come to the registration desk, which will be located on Level 1 to collect your name badge.


If you have further questions in regards to presenting at SS22, please contact the symposium organiser by email or phone +64 4 562 8259.